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Unigene Lab started in the year 2017 with a vision to provide top edge diagnostic services to man kind at very affordable prices.

Our labs are well equipped the state of the art facilities over an area of 2400 Sq.ft. with standalone building. The lab are well equipped with high end equipments with highly qualified professional doctors & staffs well supported by the Founder Chairman & Board Directors.

The Lab provides all range of routine & special tests including high end test like Hematology, Immunotology, Immunoserology, Cytopathology, Histopathology, Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Serology, Molecular Biology & Flowcytometry based investigations.

The main strength of our lab is the maintanance of internal quality control procedures at every step of the assay and we stick on the SOP's.

We are specialised in molecular testing like PCR, RT-PCR, Q-PCR, Qualitative and quantitaive detection of Bacteria and viruses, Cancer markers, HIV Markers and HLAB27 testing are done using Max Quantitaive Flowcytometry. Protein C, Protein S & Antithrobin testing using Fibrometry.

Our Research Team:

Our Research Team have developed H1n1 transportation media which is of affordable cost and our laboratory staff are well educated in handling and processing of such Bio-hazardous samples.

All bacterial & Viral load sample reporting will done within shows of sample collection.

The Lab works from 7.00 am to 8.00pm. Home collection service is available on call.

Unigene Labs will work towards obtaining Accreditation from (NABL) within 3 years of operation and will seek international accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in near future. Also, Unigene Labs is constantly increasing its already existing wide-range of test menu to accommodate the needs of Indian health care landscape.


Unigene Labs is committed to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and applicable regulation complianer to ensure the quality of operations in testing examination and research services.

Unigene Labs ensure that all quality operations and personal care in testing all patients samples. We ensure procedures of the management system amd implimentation of the same in their work.

Unigene labs is committed to issue releiable patient samples test results by combining processes that promote efficiency with technology that is appropriate to meet laboratory that is appropriate to meet laboratory goal and operated by staff whow are well trained and competent to perform work.

Unigene labs provide services in accordance with applicable national and international standards.

Unigene labs ensure customer satosfication by maintaining independence, impartiality and integrity in its operaions and mproving its management system continuosly.


Drug control administration, Govt of Karnataka & India

Health Department Govt. of Karnataka


Unigene Labs have a strong, dedicated quality assurance department will well trained professionals from different disciplines. The QC department reports directly to the members of the board.

Quality Assurance (QC) functions:

Online verification of data

Training staff on quality systems

Solving customer complaints

Instruments Calibration

We have developed over 100 SOP's to meet the quality system requirements.

Applications of maintaining SOP's:

Sample storage, Transport & Disposal

Sampling and sampling techniques

Safety criteria

Quality of reagents & Consumables

Callibration & Maintanance of equipment

Tests and method validator

Training & Document control

Quality assurance & reference standard maintanance

Company Overview:

Quality Policy

Quality Assurance


Work Culture


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Unigene is an equal oppurtunity employer and provides excellent working environment with competitive salaries commensurate with experience and education.

Environment Health and safety:

Safety Management System:

Unigene Safety Management System (SMS) includes an industry plan that helps control and minimize emergencies and risks pertaining to occupational health and safety of personnel equipment and envronment. Unit based emergency management and ensuring safety at workplace are it's main objectives. Various methodologies are established to identify, define assess, manage and communicate the same.

Personnel are equipped with personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and trained in handing chemical and hazardous waste work as applicable. Periodically vaccinations and helath checkups are conducted for staff.

What we do

Clinical Biochemistry

The Clinical Biochemistry division is equipped with state of the art instruments from German make, ozone source and Hormone testing using CLIA methods. Routine Biochemistry Hormones, Tumor marks, Cardiac marks and special chemistry tests are also performed. HBA1C is performed using Aina device by Boronate method.


Hematology section is well equipped with automated two part cell counter from German make ozone Medsource with ESR equipment and semi-automated coagulation analyzer.

Microbiology & Serology

Microbiology & Serology divisions are equipped with ELISA reader, spectro start Nano, 96 well plate reader. All infections and immunoserology testing is done. In addition allergy testing, Bacterial, Fungal, Human culture sensitivity testing are done in this division.


Histopathology section is equipped with manual processing and rotary microtome. Routine Histopathology special stains and routine stains are done. PAP smeas are processed in cytopathology section of the lab.

Our Doctor Team

Unigene Means:

Unique Diagnostics with second opinion on every test

Richest menu of high end tests

All types of special and super special blood testing laboratory

Definitive Diagnosis within shortest turn around time

Reaching patients with affordable cast of Diagnostics

Door step collection & Report Delivery

Pre & Post genetic counselling.

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